Let’s Celebrate With Pomp & Style!

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It’s the weekend of house parties and visits. As many flock to celebrate the Eid Mubarak, let’s get experimental and leave an impression~!

Many creative designers have modernised the traditional baju kurung or baju kebaya. Baju, means clothes in the Malay language. The current peplum trend is a great source of inspiration for most designers. It is about time this elegant and feminine Malay dress takes on a modern spin.

Why this season’s baju kurung or baju kebaya is especially worth investing:

1. Not only they are cleverly designed with clean silhouettes and beautiful tailoring, they can also be worn separately and you can instantly create different looks.

2. Wear a pair of tailored pants with the peplum top, perfect for work.

3. Detach the skirt and pair a white shirt with it. It’s all about personalising and matching to your personal taste.

4. The modern Malay dresses are no longer about having to pair with the same fabric. You can have the freedom to glam up or dress down the ‘baju kurung’ ensemble according to their whims and fancies.

5. They accentuate a women’s curves, portraying softness and class. Interwoven with sleek cuts, clean lines and fitted shapes, they are bound to impress your audience.

We are pleasantly surprised that these traditional garbs are finding functionality and adapting well in these modern times.

Now, I can’t wait to get my hands on a modern peplum baju kurung. Get yours!

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